Hardings Group takes pride in supporting the local community, and aspires to support many local clubs, events, schools and individuals through sponsorship and donations.

This support may be through a formal sponsorship of a club or event, or assisting through the supply of plant and labour, traffic control, prizes and raffles.

Hardings Group believes in giving back to the community in which we operate and supporting those who support us. This involves actively supporting our employees and their families through donations to their clubs and events.

Motton Preston Football Club

Ulverstone Football Club

Ulverstone Bowls Club

Festival in the Park (North West)

Devonport Harness Racing Club

Ulverstone Poultry Club

Latrobe Demons Auskick

Gunn Plains Community Centre Association

IDFA (Immune Deficiencies Foundation)

Cradle Country Music Festival

Lions Club of Mersey Devonport

North West Tasmania Forest Development

Turners Beach Cricket Club